Monday Memo

Weekly Campus and Principal Update

On Your Radar


There will be an UNANNOUNCED lockdown drill this week. Please review your emergency manual to ensure you are ready to guide your students through this practice.

DEBRIEF of Emergency Team Drill:

Yesterday, we held an emergency team drill. The team is trained to respond to a reported emergency which includes providing CPR, AED rescue, 911 communication, notification to emergency contact, securing the area, ensuring student safety and more.

In the event that you are the first to find an individual who needs emergency care (even during a drill), check the person for a response, call 911, send the next person you see to a phone to call the front office or have them get to the office ASAP. We had a few folks including students yesterday who weren't sure what to do. We rely on all of us to rescue. Thank you for your help!

1st 6 Weeks Repair Work:

If you have a student who failed the first six weeks, you have the option to offer repair opportunities to the student which would raise their grade to a passing average. In the event that a student repairs a grade, please email Carola Garrison and CC your dept. head. I highly encourage you to consider this option as our focus should be on MASTERY regardless of WHEN the student masters the material. The content and skills will be on the students' semester and EOC exams. If we don't make an effort to reteach and reassess, we are expecting the student to demonstrate the same lack of learning on those future assessments.

Halloween in our Hallowed Hallways

Halloween brings a certain energy fueled by sugar and mischief that can be a challenge both Thursday and Friday. Students are not allowed to wear costumes, so please refer kiddos to the Student Management Center for assistance. Students should not have candy, drinks, or snacks outside of the cafeteria. I am requesting extra presence in our hallways. Additionally it is our daily expectation that teachers be at their doors during ALL passing periods everyday. Help us to maintain a calm environment by being visible. Thank you!

Don't forget OG's shower today ~ come celebrate this future Braves fan!

Vote for Eric!

Go to to vote for Eric! Or, you can vote via Facebook from our school page. Please take a moment to support Eric and our school! Not only does Eric deserve this wonderful recognition from his students, their parents, and his colleagues, our school will receive funds as well! You can vote EVERY day!!