She helped on the Lewis and Clark Expedition

Sacajawea lived in North Dakota. She was born in 1786 as a Shoshone Indian. When she was a teenager, she was kidnapped by the Hidatsa Indians. In 1804 she became the wife of Charbonneau who was a fur trapper and trader. Sacajawea was forced into marriage. She helped on the Lewis and Clark expedition by keeping peace with the other Native Americans they met. Because she lived there not long ago and could interpret for the explorers. she knew what plants they could eat, . She gave birth on the trail in 1805. She saved important supplies that the expedition needed when their boat almost sank. She saved things like journals and notes and artifacts. and died in 1812, but some say she lived till 1884 and others say she lived till 1896. she died of a fever.