Staff Appreciation Week

May 5th - 9th

It's time to show our teachers and staff how much they mean to us!

Monday May 5th---Handwritten Thank You

Let’s start the week off with some heart-felt thanks from the students and parents. Take some time over the weekend to write out your appreciation in a card or note. Be sure to get the kids involved too; writing, drawing and being creative. Did you take some great pictures at school this year? Include a copy!

Check the school website for a complete list of staff at CCE. It takes over 60 people to run our school and they are all working for our kids!

Wednesday May 7th---Gift Cards/Treats

Does your teacher love Starbucks or Sonic Drinks? Do you know a staff member whose favorite treat is ice cream or chocolate? Bring in small gift card to their favorite place to grab a treat. How about their favorite candy or snack? Deliver those special treats to a staff member to show you care.

**The staff completed surveys at the beginning of the year with their favorite things. A copy is available on the school website at

Look under Teacher Wish Lists then Copy of Staff Favorites or email me and I will get the information to you:

Friday May 9th---Flower Shower

Bring a flower to brighten their weekend! Fresh cut from home, the store, homemade, or plants…anything goes!!

Have your student deliver their tokens of appreciation directly to the staff or leave them in the office and we can deliver them from there.

Thank you for helping make this week special at CCE!!

Feel free to contact us with any questions:

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