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Make Easter Matter More

What are you focused on heading into a one of a kind Easter weekend? We are sending this out on Good Friday when Jesus died and all appeared to be lost to the disciples and all who loved him. But all was not lost. In fact, all the lost were won. They just didn't know it yet. They would. And we will know the meaning of this time in history very soon.

For now, we are are in - what I called with my family way back on March 13 - The Pause. It has been a wild ride for all of us these last four weeks, but I want to encourage you that for each of us and for all of the work we are doing in business, church, and non-profit right now will make a huge difference in the months and years to come.

In The Pause, you can get to things that have been put off or are crucial for your long term health and well being. You have time to create and curate all that is good in your life and around you. You have time to pray like you never have before. We also have time to engage with our neighbors as never before to share the good news of Jesus. I encourage you to read the blog I wrote that was published this week on about how you can reach out in this time of social distancing.

Jeff Kreiser

Digital Outreach

In an upside down world, we know that the hope Jesus offers is what people need more now than ever. The ACTS Group is engaged in support of Indigitous to offer SIMPLE TRAINING via four different LIVE Workshops sharing digital ways you and your people can offer that hope to those around you. Register here. All of this supports the launch of GO2020 as we approach May. Check out the video that was produced to be encouraged about how "everyone can reach someone and together we can reach the world).

Paid Internships for Non-Profits

The ACTS Group is continuing our work with Church Volunteer Network and are seeking applicants for six paid summer internships in Sacramento area non-profits. The applicants should be age 18-25 and have interest in learning about Christian leadership in non-profit settings. Dates are June 8 to August 9. Details about this opportunity can be found by viewing this flyer: Paid Internship Opportunity or by visiting Church Volunteer Network's website.

Life on Mission

As 2019 closed and 2020 began, a major initiative of The ACTS Group began its pilot and beta testing with Jesus Culture. Life on Mission is a live training to activate believers to missional living and active evangelism using the MissionHub and GodTools apps. A sermon series has been developed on this theme and will launch through Sermon Central and MissionHub soon. Timing for a national launch of the Life on Mission "training of trainers" as well as the sermon series has been pushed to summer because of the Pause, but we anticipate a strong launch process from June to September.

The ACTS Group Review

It was the Spring of 2016 when we last did a strategic review of The ACTS Group as an organization. We had scheduled a review to take place May and June this year, but began it in late March as there is suddenly more time available to pursue that now. Please pray for the ACTS staff and board as they move through this process of reflection and definition for the next season of the ministry.

Your Financial Support Makes This Possible

As you know, it is a time when many businesses and organizations are strained. Thankfully, The ACTS Group is currently in a positive position financially. We are grateful for all who have given to support his ministry since 2012. We continue to receive financial support online through New Horizons Foundation or by check at our business address 1100 Blue Ravine Rd. Folsom, CA 95630. If you have never given before, could you give a one time gift as we prepare to launch Life on Mission nationwide this summer?

The ACTS Group is...

activating unified gospel initiatives in communities and cities. Gospel-based activators provide expertise, guidance, training and outcome tracking that helps leaders accelerate unified movement in their local community and spheres of cultural influence in the city.