Election Time

How to become president


Must be a natural born citizen of the U.S.

At least 35 years of age.

Living in the States 14 years.

Step 1: Primary's and Caucuses

People who are running for president group into parties (republican, democrat, or a 3rd party) to begin the voting process. They then campaign for their party/self's. Campaigns usually involve what they would do to make the United states a better place. They also raise money through fundraising. Fundraising is usually donated to a place in order to ¨buy" votes or back into campaigning. Then through silent voting (primary) or debates (caucuses) they chose the best candidate from their party to represent them.

Step 2: National Convention

Party's chose their presidents, then their chosen president chooses his/her runner up (vise president). They then campaign for that specific person across the country so that the populous will vote for them.

Step 3: General Election

People vote for president and vise president based on the republican party, the democratic party or a third party. There votes are then sent to the Electors who vote for president. The peoples votes do not count directly.

Step 4: Electoral College

Every state has a number of Electoral based on population. These electors review the peoples votes and cast their own. The candidate must have over half (270) votes to become president.

Your President

The winning candidate is then sword in for a four year term. If people like them they may complete two term but no more.

Election in 2016

Tuesday, Nov. 8th, 12am

United States