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IEP Parent Questionnaire

MAP- Getting Going

Take a Second Poster (courtesy of Valerie)

Second Step

Hopefully by now you've been able to check out the staff section on the website.

Carina copied all of the parent connections for us on Wednesday. Please let me know if your team will be able to handle that every week or whether you'll need some assistance. There is an option on the website to print them all at once. It might be easier to do this now and have them ready to go each week. I'm happy to help with that as well.


MAP testing will begin on September 2 for grades 1-5.

Instructions are in the Hub. Please administer the math assessment first and let us know when you plan to test in your schedule. As always, please send me any students who were absent so they can take their make up. When sending me students, please do not place them in a testing session. I'll create a session for them, so that if they get kicked out of the test I can get them back in without having to bother you in your classroom.

*F&P Benchmarking will begin on 9/20.

Parent Contacts

By now you should have contacted all parents in some form or other. Hopefully you've begun making some positive contacts. Please let me know if you have any parent emails that get bounced back. I've already got about 13 unidentified parent email addresses that are bouncing back the parent newsletter, and I'd like to get those corrected as soon as possible.

Curriculum Night

Curriculum Night will be held on September 18. More information to come soon.


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