Renaissance Music Tour

Take a trip around Europe!


Saint-Ghislain, Belgium

Johannes Ockeghem was born in this city. Ockeghem was the most famous Netherlandish composer in the 15th century, composing some of the first pieces with harmony.

Antwerp, Belgium

Orlande de Lassus went to Antwerp 1555 to publish his early pieces. He was one of few Netherlandish composers that were in Antwerp, and by far the most famous.

Oude Kerk, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck, received his first musical lessons here from his father who was organist of the Oude Kerk. He spent most of his life in this church.

Cambri, Germany

This is where Guillaume Dufay grew up. There he explored his interest in music, and started his first musical training.



Sistine Chapel, Rome, Italy

From 1489 to 1495 Josquin de Prez was a part of the Papal Choir. People restoring the chapel are saying that he might have carved his name into the Sistine Chapel.

Munich, Germany

Lassus met his wife Regina Wäckinger in Munich. Lassus became very famous and other composers from the low lands came to Germany to study with him

Notre Dame, Paris, France

Johannes Ockeghem performed for two of the French Kings. Both events held in the Notre Dame


Johannes Ockeghem traveled to Spain for a diplomatic mission for the King.