Miss Heather's PreK Class~Week of May 23, 2016


Today we talked about the letter "Z" and added the very last page to our alphabet books! We were so amazed that this is our last letter! We collected lots of "Z" words today. We also "graduated" from BCU (Body College University) and talked about all of the amazing things we learned about our bodies this year. In the Reading Room today, Elliot and Jack worked in the Writing Center while Lainey worked on puzzles at the Table for One and Georgia played the crocodile letter match game. Calliope and Annalia played the name game with Miss Kelly and Jameson, Camden, and Adelyn took turns playing with the marbles in the math/science center. For Show and Tell, Jameson shared his zoo train, Elliot told us about his zebra, and we read the book that Lainey brought in called Zooborns.


Today we read the rest of Zooborns and learned that pygmy hippos can grow to be only 6 feet long, about 11 feet shorter than a common hippo. The children all really enjoyed this book; thanks so much to Lainey for sharing it with us! For Show and Tell today, Jack shared his Zingo game with us and also let us play the game in the Block Room at the end of the day. Calliope showed us her dad's jacket that has a secret zipper. She had hidden some fun surprises in there to share with us! In the Reading Room, Adelyn and Calliope played the crocodile letter match game together while Lainey and Annalia played the marble race game. Meanwhile, Camden, Jack, Jameson, and Elliot worked together to build the most amazing block pyramid using ALL of the wooden blocks! Actually the entire class at some point added a block or two to this construction~it was truly a group effort! Georgia read Seashore with Elliot's "Mimi" who came to visit us for the day. Thanks for coming, Mimi!!


Today we made zucchini muffins with Miss Kristin's class and enjoyed them at our "picnic on the beach" at the end of the day while we listened to Show and Tell. For Show and Tell, Georgia shared her zoo cards, Annalia showed us her zoo books, Adelyn told us about her zoo truck, and Camden cleverly combined "Y" and "Z" weeks by sharing the yellow Z that he had created.


Today we went to the Biomes! What an interesting and fun trip!!

Next Week

Next week we will head to the beach on Tuesday and then practice for graduation which is on Thursday!