Where is Middle Earth?

By: Kennedi Alfred

Middle-earth is the central continent of the imagined world. (Germany)


The landscape has its high and low points. Germany had many mountains and hills that can go up to 10,000 ft. The lowlands have river that criss-cross the northern half of Germany. Germany also has a lot of trees and greenery.




Germans love rich, hearty food, even though different areas have different definitions for that. Pork is the most consumed meat. Schweinshaxe and Saumagen are a few pork examples. Bratwurst is closely associated with Germany. Beer is a popular drink in Germany. Germans also have a tremendous contributions to classical music.
Germany is a good Middle East because it is in Europe, which is in the middle of the world. When I think of the landscape and location of the Hobbit, I think if Germany. If you compare the landscape in the Hobbit to Germany's, you can see the similarities.


I picked Germany as my Middle Earth because, to me, it exactly shows the landscape of "The Hobbit." You easily see where every event took place in Germany.
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