Monochromatic Landscape

By:Madelyn Reichwein: The golden gate bridge

Elements and Principles

The element in my work is color. I organized this to achieve the principle of design unity. I created unity by using shades to make the color I used get darker and darker until it became black. I created unity by blending colors

reference Photos


The golden gate bridge was created in San Fransisco. It was created in 1933 to connect San Francisco with Marin County. It took 4 years to build and was designed by Joseph Strauss. They used thick cables to hold the heavy iron rods. The original plan for the bridge was to make it yellow but later on was changed to the vibrant red you see today.

Art and Design

The made this bridge to connect to towns but it ended up becoming on of the most well known landmarks in the united states. It look like most bridges but what makes it special is the bight red color.

Personal Response

I used this landmark for my project because It used to be my favorite place when i was little.I feel that it is relevant to our society now because though it is a famous place to go to it is used to get you from on side to the other. I think it should stay up recuse people use it to go places and it is just really cool to see.