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  • Club days THIS WEEK Jan 17-18, 2013
  • IAW update . . , *drum roll* !!
  • QQC is back !! Memorize Quran? win a Umarah trip? interested ? Scroll below!
  • MSA's next General Meeting Wed Jan 23, 2013 in UCC 333
  • Friday Prayer in UC 103 at 1:30 pm
  • Ongoing Programs (Halaqahs i.e. study circles, intramural teams, swimming and MORE)
  • Halaqa resumes Wednesday 16th! With exception to Jan 23rd we're having a general meeting inshaa'Allah!

If you have any inquiries, suggestions or comment - please feel free to direct them to:

Get ready for IAW....I....what ?

MSA's Islamic Awareness Week (IAW), is coming up on Feb 25th-28th.

During this week, we will be choosing an islamic theme and displaying it to the rest of the university. The purpose of IAW is to educate both muslims and non-muslims on campus about Islam. This year's topic will be the Prophet Muhammad PBUH. We are going to have 4 days jam-packed with Islamic games, speakers, videos and much more! All with the goal of educating others about the Prophet PBUH and the legacy he left behind.

Guess who's coming to Guelph this year??

Please e-mail; if you are interested in volunteering with our team during this annual event.

QQC is back !!! MSA@UoG represents . . . :-)

UPCOMING: Qira'atul Quran Competition (QQC).

Our MSA has been invited to participate in the 14th annual Qira'atul Quran Competition (QQC). This year QQC will be hosted at ISNA Canada Centre on February 23rd, 2013.

Two brothers and two sisters will be selected to represent our MSA. As always, the competition will focus mainly on tajweed and memorization and competitors will be marked by a neutral panel of judges (the sisters and brothers separately). The surah for this year's QQC will be Surat Al Naml.

The first place winners from both the brothers' and sisters' competitions will be awarded cash for their respective MSA's and the reciter with the highest score overall will receive an Ummrah ticket Inshallah.

Please email us at: if you wish to be considered for the selection process.

Ongoing Program

Sisters' Halaqa:

WHEN: Starts Wednesday, Oct 16rd, 5:30-7:00pm

WHERE: Room 335 University Centre (UC), University of Guelph

Click here for more information.

Brothers Halaqa: Imaam Sufyan of Masjid Abubakar is holding Halaqas every Wednsday after Maghrib at Masjid Abubakr.

Jumm'ah Prayer: University Centre (UC) Room 103 - From 1:30 pm - If you want to volunteer for the setup come at 1:00pm

5 Prayers: The Chapel (Multi-faith room) 5th floor - North Elevator.

Alternate prayer space: room 333 (From 6pm to 7pm).

Basketball for brothers: Contact brother Zafir -->

Soccer for brothers: Contact brother Khalid -->

Swimming for sisters: Red pool in the Campus' Athletic Centre - Every Friday 8pm to 9pm

Please keep updated through Facebook for any changes and/or announcements.

Get Involved?

Want to go beyond attending events? We have so much upcoming activities, and we will be calling for volunteers. Join our volunteers mailing list by contacting sister Kamela - if you are interested in getting involved with the MSA - and keep updated to the future opportunities.

A great upcoming opportunity would be Islam Awareness Week, feel free to contact us or our volunteer co-ordinator sister Kamela.