The River

Gary Paulsen

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The River takes place 2 years after Hatchet during the summer. Brian and a companion are in the woods and the book takes you through some exhilarating twist and turns.


In The River by Gary Paulsen Brian is asked to go back to a similar area of the woods by Derek a reporter because Brian survived 54 days by himself in the woods, so Derek thought it would help his survival school if he knew everything Brian did. Derek is injured and Brian has to get him to safety. Will he be able to get him out alive??

Gary Paulsen

Gary Paulsen was born May 17,1939. He is an American writer of literature for all ages. Most of his books are about survival. He has many books like The Hatchet Series, The Mr.Tucket Series, and Woods Runner.


The theme of the book is survival because he built a shelter, hunted, and made a fire to live.

character traits of brian

Brian is brave and kind because he went into the woods to help Derek's survival school. Brian is also hardworking because he built a shelter, hunted, and made fire to survive in the Canadian woods with Derek.


I recommend the beginning to be more interesting, but the rest or the book was exhilarating.

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