Chippewa Falls Middle School

Remote Learning Update - January 15, 2021

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Remote Learning Window: November 4 - January 21

Return In-Person Instruction: Monday, January 25

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COVID-19 Precautions for In-person Learning at CFMS

We will continue to follow all of the safety precautions we did while in person this past fall. Please reference this Key Changes at CFMS document link for further reminders on what in-person instruction looks like at CFMS. The intent of this document is not to supplant the detailed items in the CFAUSD Reopening Our Schools document. However, its purpose is to supplement the items in the district document and highlight areas that are important and specific to CFMS. When deciding on these protocols emphasis was placed on the health of all of our students and staff.

Teacher Communication and Student Assignments

CFMS Remote Learning Parent and Student Communication

This link will be updated weekly to reflect individual teacher plans and contact information.

Dear CFMS Parents and Guardians,

As we continue on our journey of remote learning until January 21, we wanted to highlight a few important pieces of information for you to help ensure the best learning environment for your child(ren). If you have questions, please reach out to your child’s teacher(s). We are here to help!

This Slide Deck will be shared with students, along with a video explaining clarifications from our Dean of Students, Mr. Jablonske. Please review and help your child(ren) with these items.


  • Our CFMS remote learning schedule has stayed the same with the exception of our TA time. TA has changed to Monday from 9:00 - 9:15 AM.

  • While students do not have scheduled classes on Fridays they should be doing work assigned to them, getting extra help from teachers, or catching up on any missing assignments from the week.

  • End of Rotation 2 - Trimester 1

    • Work for Rotation 2 classes is due by Dec 1

    • Students should check Infinite Campus for their new schedule and classes

    • Teachers with new rotation classes will email the Google Classroom link to students. Students should watch for those emails and watch their Google Classroom home page for those new classes

  • Students will be expected to engage in learning according to the schedule each scheduled school day.

  • Teachers will be available for support during typical school hours.

Classes/Google Meets/Attendance:

  • Students should attend each scheduled Google Meet class and participate. Just like students are responsible for attending each class while in person for learning the same is true or remote learning; students are expected to attend each class.

  • Attendance will be taken each day. Students will be marked present when they attend scheduled Google Meet class sessions, show progress daily, and/or complete assignments.

  • Parents will need to call the attendance line if your child is not able to attend school during a day in order for the absence to be excused.

    • If your child needs be quarantined or isolate due to Covid, please call the school nurse at 715-726-2400 ext: 1958

    • Students should be participating in their course work if they are feeling well enough to do so.


  • Students need to make sure they are staying on track with their school work each day and week.

  • Keeping up with and submitting completed school work is crucial to staying on track and not getting overwhelmed with missing/late assignments.

  • Just like students are responsible for completing work for each class while in person for learning the same is true or remote learning; students are expected to complete work for each class in remote learning.

Missing work:

  • Please check Infinite Campus regularly to make sure your child is turning in his/her work. If there are any missing assignments, please ask your child to complete them. Encourage your child to reach out to his/her teacher if he/she has a question.

    • Google Classroom shows a checklist of items that need to be completed and to help students stay on track. Infinite Campus is where work completion and work progress scores are documented.

I need help. Who should contact?

My child's work, schedule or classroom expectations - Your child's teacher

Attendance information or expectations - Your child's teacher

District-Provided Meals - Susan Lang - 715-726-2400 ext. 2790

Technology Support or Repair -Tech Helpdesk -715-726-2413

Emotional Support for My Child or Myself - Cardinal Care Cardinal

School Meals

Update on School Meals - January 4th - January 21st

  • Elementary schools will serve in person students Monday -Thursday (like we did in Sept/Oct) and offer meals for pick up on Fridays from 11-1 (like we are currently).
  • MS/HS/CVHS - will offer meals for pick up Monday - Friday from 11-1; like we are currently doing.
  • Meals for anyone 18 and younger will continue to be free through the end of the school year.
  • We will not be serving meals on January 22nd (in-service day).

CFMS Remote Learning Schedule 2020-2021

Click here for a PDF of the remote learning weekly schedule.

Click here to view the schedule in Google Sheets.

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Virtual Voyagers Classes

Click here for information: Voyagers After School Course Information

CFMS Remote Learning Roadmap

CFMS Remote Learning Roadmap 2020-2021

Click here for guidelines around our schedule, instruction, attendance, communication, relationship building, grading, and technology skills at CFMS while we are in a remote learning setting.

Children in Quarantine or Isolation

If your child needs be quarantined or isolate due to Covid, please call the school nurse at 715-726-2400 ext: 1958

Virtual Calming Room

Virtual learning can be tough for our students, parents, and staff. This virtual calming room was designed to help provide tools, strategies, and resources to help you manage your emotions.

Click here for resources from our counseling department.

Weekend Kids Meals

Please click on the Weekend Kids Meals in November link to apply for the free weekend meals program.

Weekend Kids Meals will continue to be available for pick-up at the schools on Fridays from 11-1 at the same time school breakfast and lunches can be picked up. The bus company will continue to deliver the Weekend Kids Meals to the houses that have requested it on January 8th, 15th, and 22nd. They will NOT be doing deliveries on December 25th or January 1st.

CFMS Parent and Guardian Information

A comprehensive source for important information regarding Chippewa Falls Middle School.

CFMS Parent Handbook

The parent handbook can help answer many questions you may have throughout the school year. The handbook can be can be accessed at this link. The handbook can also be found on our website. If you would prefer a hard copy, please let us know.

CFMS Grading for Learning Handbook

This handbook can help explain the standard based gradebook we utilize to communicate student progress toward standards. If you would prefer a hard copy, please let us know.

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Title IX Notice of Nondiscrimination

CFAUSD does not discriminate on the basis of sex (including sexual orientation or gender identity), in its education programs or activities, and is required by Title IX of the Education Amendments Act of 1972, and its implementing regulations, not to discriminate in such a manner. The requirement not to discriminate in its education program or activity extends to admission and employment. The Board is committed to maintaining an education and work environment that is free from discrimination based on sex, including sexual harassment. The board designates and authorizes the following individuals to oversee and coordinate its efforts to comply with Title IX and its implementing regulations:

Christine McMasters

Executive Director of Student Services


1345 Ridgewood Drive, Chippewa Falls

Michelle Golden

Executive Director of Human Resources and Public Relations


140 W. Elm Street, Chippewa Falls

Mike Thompson

High School Athletic Director


735 Terrill St. Chippewa Falls