Fossil Fuels

7 Things You Need to Know About Non-Renewable Energy:

Formation and Extraction Process

This Non-Renewable Energy source is formed from prehistoric plants and animals that decomposed under the ground and was covered by mud and dirt throughout time.

To extract fossil fuels you must find the oil, then rotary drilling rigs are used to reach the oil and take it out of the ground.

Transformation into Energy

The fossil fuels are burned, which heats up the water running through the boiler and creates steam, then the steam is transferred to the turbine. The pressure from the steam turns the shaft that then powers the generator.

World Wide Usage

What is it used for- Used to fuel cars, airplanes, plantations, and heat homes.

Amount used in a year- burning of fossil fuels uses about 21.3 billion tons.

Country uses the most- China is the biggest consumer of energy.

Economic Benefits

The US is very dependent on fossil fuels at a time where we have high demand and low supply. Allows the US to have easy access to the oil and produce large amounts of energy.

Air Qualities

Fossil Fuels produce carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides and hydrocarbons also produce suspended matter which contribute to acid rain and deodorization of the ozone.