Ancient Puebloans

By Blake

Where They Live

The Ancient Puebloans lived in the “Four Corners” as we call today. They mostly lived in southern Utah, northern Arizona, southwestern Colorado, and northwestern New Mexico.

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Their Houses

The Puebloans built houses on side of cliffs so predators like wolves couldn’t get to them. They were also hard to get to so other tribes couldn’t attack them.

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What They Ate

The Puebloans were farmers. They planted crops in the valley below their houses or the mesas above their dwellings. They ate their crops that was corn, beans, and squash. They also ate deer, rabbit, antelope, and bear.

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Any tools they didn’t want or were broken, they threw them of the side of cliff. All of the tools they used were clay pots, hide scrapers, bone awls, fire drills, and stone knifes.

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Fun Facts

The Puebloans

made up the Oshara tradition,

which celebrates the true day of spring.

Did you know this particular tribe is also called

the Anasazi and the Cliff Dwellers?

One of the tribes attack them was the Navajo tribe.