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Post April Fool's Edition

Do You Know Anyone with a Great Classroom Like This?

The closest thing I've ever seen to this is probably Mark Weaver's room at Clay Middle School in Carmel!

Measuring What Matters: More Resources from ASCD

As a follow-up to the message in our recent newsletter from IMLEA President, Bobby Thompson, here are several resources from a recent issue of ASCD's magazine, Educational Leadership. The titles without the lock icon are available for free. As we approach the next round of ISTEP, it provides some food for thought.

Our spring newsletter can be found at this link and on our website. On mobile, it may take a few minutes to load.

Service Learning Spotlight: South Ripley Junior High

As a service learning project, Mrs. Swinney's 8th grade advisory class collected gently-used and new books, wrote inspirational messages in each one, then delivered them to 8 Little Free Libraries in the Versailles area, where others can pick a book to read. These mini libraries had been put in place by community members over the years and there was a decline in available books. Some of the owners of the mini libraries met with the students and discussed the importance and how much they impacted the community. After the "book drop" on March 20, the students each wrote a reflection on what they gained from the project. Here's one example:
  • "I used this lifeline during this service-learning project by writing messages in books to encourage kids to read. I think the best part of the project is the feeling you got when putting the books in the little library. I learned that no matter who you are you can make a difference."

Earth Day Resources from Learning to Give and generationON

Learning to Give has another of their "Teach One" lessons for Earth Day. Sometimes teachers think it feels like doing service learning is "fitting in one more thing" but it doesn't have to be . You can "start small" with this example that already shows how standards are incorporated. In addition to other things on the Learning to Give site, generationOn has many ideas for Earth Day & the environment.


Please consider presenting; we know we have many wonderful educators with great things to share. Administrators-reach out to them and encourage them; better yet, consider making a team proposal with them!

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