Anoka Blended 6

January 6th

January F2F Agenda

Welcome~ Munch & Mingle

SAGA Group Processing

1. Complete the How AM I Doing - in your SAGA Group

2. Module processing: Click here for your tasks.

3. Download this month's Capture the Experience HERE!

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Opening: Lessons from a Fish Market

Holly fish catch

Teacher Interview: Stay, Step, Skip

Collaborative Review of Literature Process: Constructivism (SEL)

Writer's Workshop Take 1

1. Review the article on Constructivism -

  • 30 seconds brain dump: use a post-it note to write down big ideas (put these in the center of your table)
  • As a group narrow these big ideas down to 3 or 4

2. Review the other article that you found and read

  • Write a quote from the article YOU found and put that quote on a post-it note
  • Match this quote with one of the 'Big Ideas' you came up with from the Constructivist article

3. For each of the big concepts individually write an application statement that relates to the concept and quote.

ROL Google Presentation

4. As a group review all of the post-it notes. Then, write an introductory paragraph that captures the essence of what is on your post-it notes. Click here for interesting ways to begin your introduction!

5. Next ~ divide and conquer the next 4 paragraphs. Make sure that in each paragraph you include a connection to how that concept relates to the Social Emotional Learning competencies.

Look Before You Leap Survey

1. Read the introduction to Chapter 4 and then complete the included checklists.

2. With your tech trio, take a deeper look at your Look Before you Leap Survey using the provided prompts.

3. Identify a sensed area of need or change based on the results of your survey. What could you do to make a change?

3. Read THIS DOCUMENT about how to write a good question

4. Write your sensed need as a question. Use the handout on writing a good question to aid this process.


The Land of Coconuts

  • Coconuts
  • Palm Trees
  • Volcanoes
  • Kings & Queens


Service Groups/Energizer

1. Work time in JOB GROUPS for February jobs.

Be sure to fill out the job group forms and share them with your facilitators.

2. Group provides an ENERGIZER

Question Coaching!

Cognitive Coaching

Blog Update

1. Get together in your Tech Trio.

2. Talk about your blog experience so far. Try and get any glitches solved together.


3. Have one group member create a Google calendar focused on blogging. Share the calendar with all tech trio members and allow all members to edit.

4. Decide on a blogging schedule from today until our March F2F--the 10th. Mark the required blog post dates on the google calendar. Set a notification for each group member to be reminded of the posting dates. (These are posts/topics chosen by YOU the blogger-these are in addition to the ones assigned by facilitators.) Make it a goal to post to your blog at least once per week.

5. ** Module work** As you post on the assigned dates, write your blog post title on the calendar as an accountability tool.

***Our February F2F***

We will be engaging in a blog "speed dating" experience where community members will be offering feedback on your blog and its posts.

Learner Led Energizer

Backward Design: Enduring Understandings & Essential Questions

1. Figurative Language--a design example

2. Think about a unit that you teach that you would like to 're-design.'

3. Read the article on enduring understandings and essential questions.

3. With your SAGA, create a graphic organizer that summarizes the most important information from the article. This GO should be usable as a reference for your module assignment.

MODULE WORK: Complete Stage One of your unit design using the provided template.

Closing~ Group led