A Guide to Bunburying

Learn how to live a happy life full of bunburying!

What You Need to Know About Bunburying.

Bunburying is having a second identity or is leading a double life to get out of something or for many other reasons. When you decide to bunbury or to have a second identity you need to be prepared for how to keep them separate, how to solve problems that come up, and anything else that comes along with it. An example of bunburying is in the book, "The Importance of Being Earnest" when Algernon has a friend named Bunbury who always happens to be sick when Algernon doesn't want to do something. Another character in the book is Jack. Jack is always escaping to the city because his,"brother," Earnest is always getting in trouble. To be prepared for what bunburying could and will bring, follow the guide below to have a happy bunburying life!

Creating an identity is easy, living it out is the hard part.

Step One: Plan and Prepare for Your Second Identity

1) Create an identity

2) Get everything set up for this other person in whom which you're going to be

3) Create a checklist

4) Get a planner to get you started

Try to memorize every piece of information, down to each individual detail for the second life in which you are going to lead. Once you create an identity you'll need to have the appearance down, you can do this by purchasing the things you will need to have the look of your second identity.

Step Two: Learn How to Become Your Second Identity.

After you create your identity and plan it out, you will have to learn how to become your second identity. Remembering important dates and information can be critical to pulling this off and not getting caught.

1) Learn how to keep the different lives apart.

2) Become your second identity as if you had always been that person.

3) Get information to prove that each identity is you and each one is true.

4) Create a schedule to keep the two lives from colliding together.

5) Once you have a schedule, remember it, and keep on top of it.

Step Three: Live Your Two Lives Cautious and Happy!

  1. Keep the two lives apart by having an excuse for every time you need to go away.
  2. Have fun but be cautious.
  3. Be able to come up with a solution for any problems that can and will occur.
  4. Think a couple of steps ahead of everyone else.

This is the most important process of it all. You need to be able to play it out. Being a bunburiest gives you lots of opportunities. Remember all the steps before this and you should be able to play out each life without any problems but just in case a problem does arise, here are some examples to get you out of it.

Some problems that could come up when bunburying

Scenario #1

You're a car salesman, but in your second life you are a professional bungee jumper. One day while your wife is at work, you are getting ready to go to a bungee jumping competition and your wife comes home early because she got sick at work. She comes in and sees you getting all your supplies together and wants you to know what your doing.

What do you do?

You are going to tell your wife that you are going on a bungee jumping retreat with your work and forgot to tell her.

If she ask where you got all the supplies from, tell your wife that there is this sports store a town over that rents out supplies for dangerous sports.

So tell her you'll be back and that you hope that she feels better.

Scenario #2

Your name is Emery and you are a successful fashion model. You are always uptight about what you eat and are very healthy. You want to create an identity so you can be lazy and not care about what anyone thinks about you. So you become a a professional hot dog eater and your name becomes Kathy. One day when you are at an eating contest, another model you know comes with her boyfriend and sees you and thinks that you look familiar.

What do you do?

You tell her that a lot of people say that because of your eyes and hair, but you have never seen her before. If she says anything at work the next day you say that you were getting a tan for the beach.

Congratulations you are one of the few people who can have a second identity or who can pretend to be someone else, so use it well!! Bunburying is one of the coolest things in the world and has been around for a while. It isn't very popular, but someday it might be and you can say that you are well trained on the topic of bunburying