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VOL XI - December 2021

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Happy Holidays from our ESOL family to yours!

We want to wish all of our families a safe and healthy holiday season, and a very successful year 2022.

Students will be on break from December 20th to January 3rd. They will come back to school on January 4th, 2022.

New Bell Schedule Starting January 4, 2022

Please remember that school's starting and ending times will be adjusted starting January 4th, when students return from Winter Break. Use the link below to view the bell time changes.

School Choice application window to open in January

The Pasco Pathways school choice application window will open Thursday, January 6th, at 8 a.m., and close Thursday, January 20th, at 4:30 p.m. Anyone interested in applying to a different school for their student, Innovative Schools, or Virtual Education can do so starting on that date.

Questions regarding Pasco Pathways can be sent to:

Statewide 2020-2021 Testing Accommodations for ESOL students

Districts are required to offer accommodations to students identified as ELLs and who are currently receiving services in a program operated in accordance with an approved District Plan for ELLs.

Listed below are the allowable accommodations for ELLs participating in 2020-2021 Florida Statewide Assessments. The test may be administered with any one of these accommodations or a combination of accommodations that are determined to be appropriate for the particular needs of the ELLs. However, all testing, with or without accommodations, must be completed during the prescribed testing dates.

Flexible Setting

· ELLs may be offered the opportunity to be tested in a separate room with the ESOL or heritage language teacher serving as a test administrator. Parents must be informed of this option for students not of legal age and shall be given the opportunity to select the preferred method of test administration.

Flexible Scheduling

· ELLs may take a test session during several brief periods within one school day; however, each test session must be completed within one school day.

· ELLs may be provided additional time to complete a test session; however, each test session must be completed within one school day.

Assistance in the Heritage Language

· ELLs may be provided limited assistance by an ESOL or heritage language teacher using the student’s heritage language for directions, prompts, items, and answer choices. This should not be interpreted as permission to provide oral presentation of prompts, items, and answer choices in English or in the student’s heritage language. Assistance may not be provided for passages in ELA Reading and ELA Writing tests.

· The ESOL or heritage language teacher or other trained individuals familiar with the student may answer questions about the general test directions in the student’s heritage language. If the test is administered to a group of students, the teacher may answer questions about directions for the benefit of the group. Questions of clarification from individual students must be answered on an individual basis without disturbing other students.

· The ESOL or heritage language teacher or other trained individual familiar with the student may answer specific questions about a word or phrase in a prompt, item, or answer choice that is confusing the student because of limited English proficiency but is prohibited from giving assistance that will help the student produce, correct, or edit responses. Assistance may not be provided for words or phrases in ELA Reading and ELA Writing passages.

Approved Dictionary

· ELLs should have access to an English-to-heritage language and/or heritage language-to-English translation dictionary, such as those made available to ELLs in an instructional setting. The dictionary must provide word-to-word translations only and may not contain definitions or other information. A dictionary written exclusively in the heritage language or in English shall not be provided. Electronic translation dictionaries that meet the same requirements without accessing the Internet may be used.

Special Note for ACCESS for ELLs

· For all parts of the ACCESS for ELLs, students will not be permitted to use a dictionary of any type. Students will be given the accommodations of flexible setting, scheduling and timing. They may have access to heritage language support in accordance with guidelines provided in the ACCESS for ELLs Test Administrator Manual and Directions for Administration.

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ELL Student Plan

The ELL student plan is a written document which identifies student name, instruction by program, including programs other than ESOL, amount of instructional time or schedule, date of ELL identification, and assessment data used to classify or reclassify as ELL, etc. Each student must have an individual copy of the plan maintained in his/her file.

MAP Growth Family Resources

For tips on getting ready for MAP Growth testing, check out the MAP Parent Connection

Find more resources in this family toolkit.

Identification and Assessment- Home Language Survey

Home language survey. The home language survey and national origin data of all students must be collected and retained in the school district. The home language survey may be included on the registration form or on a separate survey and must be administrated to all students. The survey includes the following questions:

a. Is a language other than English used in the home?

b. Does the student have a first language other than English?

c. Does the student most frequently speak a language other than English?

Student Code of Conduct 2021-2022

Every year, Pasco County Schools publishes the Student Code of Conduct that all schools follow. Please use this link to find our up-to-date Code of Conduct.

Our ELL/ESOL Newcomer Guide is up on our website!

Did you know that Pasco County's website has a Newcomer Guide specially tailored for ESOL families?

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The ESOL Parent Leadership Council is always looking for new members!

The ESOL Parent Leadership Council is a district-wide forum for English Language Learners (ELL) parents and interested community members to help the District identify ELL students' educational needs and priorities.

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