Sounder: Friendship

Hannah Bodley

Theme: Friendship

  • Sounder is a book about a dog and his friendship with the boy. He shows friendship by coming to the boy when he is hurt. Mother shows friendship by returning the meat to the smokehouse. Father shows friendship by trusting Sounder when they go hunting. The boy shows friendship by letting his mother and siblings know that he is there for them.

Video of a pet/human relationship

Miley is a dog. Miley was rescued from a garbage dump. The animal rescuers took her to the vet. The vet wrapped her paws and made her feel comfortable. She slept for three hours. Miley was adopted by a woman. The rescuer went to visit her. Miley knew the rescuer right away. She was happy to see him.

Sounder and Miley were both sick. They needed to be cared for. They both have a good relationship with their owners.

NEW VIDEO: Saving Miley: a MUST SEE rescue + a video update ONE year later!!! Please share.

Anticipation guides

  • Some people are born to lose. I disagree. Everyone is born with a special talent and no one should give up. Everyone wins something.

A father. Daughter. And dog

  • Alike: Sounder and Cheyenne both died because they were both lonely and they wanted to have their owner back. Sounder died under their porch and Cheyenne died beside the bed where his owner died. Both masters died, a short time later, the dogs died too.
  • Differences: Sounder was used by his master for hunting. Cheyenne was used to bring back father’s happiness.


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