Peace Love Forensics

Julianne Wise


1. Forensic Science is the application of science to law.

2. FBI- Lab services

3. Forensic Scientists analyze physical evidence, provide expert testimony, and furnishing training in the proper recognition, collection, and preservation of physical evidence.

4. Combined DNA Index System: CODIS.

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Crime Scene and Physical Evidence

-Common Types of Physical Evidence: refers to any item that comes from a nonliving origin, while biological evidence always originates from a living being.

-Examination & Significance of Physical Evidence: by a forensic scientist is generally undertaken

Preserving and Recording a crime scene: This is to keep the pertinent evidence uncontaminated until it can be recorded and collected.

Role of FBI and CSI

The CSI and FBI are law enforcement bodies in the US. “CSI” is Crime Scene Investigation, and “FBI” is Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Careers in Forensic Science

1. Forensic Science Technician

2. Bloodstain Pattern Analyst

3. Forensic Ballistics Expert

4. Forensic DNA Analyst

5. Polygraph Examiner

6. Forensic Document Examiner

7. etc.

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What Forensic Science Is

Real CSI is different than the TV shows...

The TV shows make the mistake of being unrealistic:

-Unrealistic Science

-Corpses and Cops

-The CSI effect

-the fallacy of the "quick turnaround"

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Fun Facts

-Edmond Locard: In 1910, he set up the world’s first forensic laboratory.

-“Decomp dogs” are taught to locate decomposing bodies using a synthesized chemical to simulate their scent.


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