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Islam in response to Contemporary Issues

These are the issues society is facing every day, like geo-political issues, families in crises, political correctness, etc. How to be fair in politics? And how can we make a law that is fair to all, even to those who end up breaking it? From the fairness in speech to the fairness in respecting one’s rights. These are the issues of today that are either someone’s political platform or someone is using them to promote their religious agenda.

Islam enjoys a unique position among the world's religions and in that manner in world politics that it had answered these questions some 1500 years ago. The answers Islam gave 1500 years ago are still relevant today because they speak to the basic goodness of man and answer the current questions in a clear cut manner.

Islamic teachings are recognized all around the World today.

Why is this? Because of the sheer practicality of the solutions proposed by Islam to Worldly issues, so beneficial that they cannot be ignored or adjusted. Islam is a religion so huge and beautiful, not only because of it's practice in nearness to Allah or the creator, but because of the the facts and benefits it brings to mankind. It has one true, clearly and logically expressed message; Peace and harmony and the recitation of the Holy Quran as well as respect and fear with Allah is the most worthwhile success any one of us could ever achieve in a thousand life times. We must have love for the Holy Prophet (SAW) and have respect for our elders. Islam is the answer to war, hate, disgrace and sin. Islam is beneficial to Muslims, non-Muslims, the rest of the western society, etc.