Homeless Youth in Waco, TX

"Education is the transformation for a stronger generation!"

Homeless youth in Waco, Tx

We believe that education is very important in order to have a successful life. Dropping out of high school is the root cause of youth homelessness and poverty. Less than 25% of homeless students in Texas graduate from high school. The poverty rate among those who did not graduate high school is 42.6% in Waco, Texas. The dropout rate in Waco ISD has gone up from 3.4% in 2012 - 2013 to 4.2% this past school year. Only 79% of the students in Waco High School graduated last year. Our goal is to eliminate dropping out of high school by communicating with the school board for more funding for UIL activities, textbooks and technology, a built-in tutorial period for all students, and better funding towards high school counselors in order to prevent homelessness in youth. We believe that the citizens of Waco, Texas can contribute to this cause by volunteering their time to these at-risk students, spreading awareness among the rest of Waco, and by donating goods and supplies to the students that really need the help. We hope that the administration in Waco ISD, the students in our schools, and the parents involved in the district will join together in taking on this cause and advocate for the students who do not have a voice.

Advocacy Project

Homeless Youth in Waco, Texas iEngage2017

Take Action

Personal/individual level: volunteer your time and resources to the students who need it, encourage the students that are at-risk to stay in school, be aware of the signs of homelessness in students, build relationships with the at-risk students, and spread awareness of this issue.

Local, state & national level: the school board can allocate more funds to the district for UIL activites for students in order to create enjoyment in school, for better textbooks and technology in the school so students can learn up-to-date information, better counselors and staff members who can walk alongside the students struggling and invest into them, and create a built-in tutorial time for all students to work on homework, get tutoring (if needed), or to volunteer to help other students.

How others can take action:

- volunteer your time

- spread awareness among the rest of Waco

- donate goods and supplies

What we learned

Ka'Nyiah: "I learned that advocacy means speaking up for someone or something."

Emory: "I learned how to be a good citizen by volunteering."

Hannah: "I learned that someone my age can do a lot as a citizen of a community."

Marianna: "I learned that dropping out of high school can affect you in many ways."

Daniel: "I learned that dropping out of high school can lead to poverty."

Angel: "I learned how much people need other people's help."

Haylie: "I learned that no matter your age you can still make an impact in your community."

Emily: "I learned that I can do a lot to volunteer in my community."

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