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The Carver Chronicles is a newsletter designed to share and celebrate all of the great learning activities, extra-curricular events and awesome accomplishments that happen every day at Carver Middle High School!

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5 Things you may not know about...Mrs. Burridge

1. She has two sons, Henry (4) and Sam (1 1/2)

2. She enjoys traveling and has been to Spain, Italy, England, and Scotland

3. She was the president of the Shakespeare Club in college.

4. She has seen every Marvel superhero movie!!!

5. She writes young adult fantasy novels.

High School Student Spotlight: Malu Souza

  • Name: Malu Souza
  • Grade: 11
  • Hobbies: Plays cards with her family

  • Favorite class: Chemistry and Geometry
  • Favorite food: Frango com quiabo (a chicken dish)
  • Favorite holiday: Christmas
  • Fun fact: Malu can speak three languauges
  • Career interest: Agronomy (the science of soil management and crop production)
  • Favorite movie: 8 seconds
  • Favorite sports team: Cruzero (Brazilian football (soccer) team.
  • Favorite athlete: Richarlison de Andrade (Brazilian soccer player and also a family friend)
  • Accomplishments: With the passing of MCAS and the passing of the Portuguese test, Malu has now earned the Seal of Biliteracy. She will be the first person at CMHS to have this on her high school diploma!!!!
  • Interesting facts: Malu is looking forward to celebrating Carnivale in February 2020. Also , she attended Brazilian Day in New York City in 2019!

Middle School Student Spotlight - Cameron Zaniboni

  • Name: Cameron Zaniboni

  • Grade: 8

  • Favorite Class: English

  • Fun fact: He enjoys playing NBA2K

  • Hobbies: Baseball

  • Favorite Holiday: Christmas

  • Favorite Movie: Midway

  • Favorite Book: The Outsiders

  • Pets: 2 dogs - Max & Jango 2 cats - Kitty & Joey

  • Favorite food: Steak

  • Dream Car: Blue Camaro

  • Favorite Sport: Baseball

  • Career Interests: Professional Baseball Player

  • Accomplishments: Has made Honor Roll and scored a 91 in NBA2K


1/20/20: Martin Luther King Jnr. Day: NO SCHOOL

1/22: CMHS Mock Trial Team begins competition

1/24/20: Senior Lock-In

1/28/20: Term 3/Semester 2 begins


Tuesday 1/21: North Bus Only

Wednesday 1/22: South Bus Only

Thursday 1/23: North and South Bus


Students in grade 9-12 will be taking mid-term examinations based on the schedule listed below. Wednesday 1/22 will be a full day of School – Day 5

Periods 5,6,7,1 will meet and lunch will be served.

Wednesday, Jan. 22: Period 2 exam

Thursday, Jan. 23: Period 6 exam followed by Period 3 exam

Friday, Jan. 24: Period 7 exam followed by Period 4 exam

Monday, Jan 27: Period 1 exam followed by Period 5 exam

Wednesday, January 22nd, will be a full day of school with Period 2 exam ending at 2:05 p.m. Thursday, January 23rd through Monday, January 27th will be half days for high school students. No lunches will be served for HS students on the half days, and buses will arrive for dismissal at 10:50a.m.

Students are expected to use the entire testing time for successful completion of their exams and should not be dismissed until the scheduled end of each exam. Juniors and seniors are not expected to report during an exam period when they are normally scheduled for a directed study or internship, if they can provide their own transportation. If juniors and seniors cannot provide their own transportation, they must report to their scheduled study. All freshman and sophomores are to be at school from 7:32 a.m. to 10:50 a.m. on Thursday, Friday and Monday.


Matt Stone’s masterpiece! Psych of Lit was pained to erase it and wanted to immortalize Carl in the Carver Chronicles.

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2020 Geography Bee Winner

Alex Wawrzyniak - Grade 8

Runner -up

Noah McGrail - Grade 6

History Teacher and Geography Bee Organzer, Ms. Hiller

Alex will now take a test from the National Geographic Society and the top 100 scorers in the state will compete in the Massachusetts Geography Bee in March. WInners of the State Bees will compete in Washington D.C. in May for cash prizes, scholarships, and a trip to the Galapagos Islands.

Congratulations to all those who particpated and best of luck to Alex!

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7th Grade King/Queen of Court Champions!

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Mrs. Bardetti’s Block 4 class made Valentine’s Day cards for the Hearts for Hospice Challenge.

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Students in Mr. Lyman's Environmental Science took advantage of the unseasonably warm weather this week to fix the school's Hoophouse and learn some carpentry skills.

Sixth grade students in Mrs. Bertram's 21st Century Literacy Class began programming their own interactive race games with Scratch.

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Ms. Varnerin's Algebra I Honors class investigates how to solve systems of equations using the elimination method by modeling the process with algebra tiles.

In AP Environmental Science we have been TALKING TRASH. Students were challenged to collect and carry all their solid waste for 3 days. We then sorted and analyzed all our trash to determine how much waste we generate and which waste was recyclable. We also came up with a plan to reduce our waste in the future by simple daily actions.

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Lauren and Emalee showing some sisterly love!

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Thank you Kailyn for adding this quote to my wall!!

<3 Mrs. T.

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The CAP students and Officer Walls interns, visited Otis Air National Guard Base and learned about possible career paths inside the military.

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Great way to start each day, with the "Morning Crew", greeting students.

Have a great weekend, see you all Tuesday Morning.

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John Dishaw memorializing his Hula Hoops!

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Students in Mr. Cully’s World History II class worked collaboratively to complete a thinking quilt on all the topics from the first half of the year. By color coding them by unit, they were able to make clearer connections between vocabulary and key people to help visualize their thinking in preparation for analysis questions.

Mr Cully’s US History I class had a viewing party for their Student Cam Documentary projects. Students had to create a 5-6 minute documentary style video on a topic that fit the theme “What is your vision for 2020?” directed towards engaging the candidates for the 2020 presidential election as to important issues to young voters. Topics included climate change, Second Amendment Rights, abortion, and Universal Basic Income proposals.

Class of 2023 Student Government with the help of the Carver National Honors Society ran the very successful first Freshman Mid Year Study Night. 30 freshmen and 10 peer tutors worked together for two hours and enjoyed pizza to tackle preparations for their first ever high school mid year exams.

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Thank you from the Student Outreach Group to all of those (pictured and not) who wore red to show support and awareness for those living in poverty!

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7th Grade Comprehensive Health Students embarked on a research project to learn more about the structure and function of body systems.

William Baker and Austin Hall with a scale model V8 engine that they built in Technology Engineering. Austin and William had finished their grade 8 assignments and built this as an extra credit assignment.

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V8 Engine


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The United Parish of Carver is looking for support with a Children's Story & religious education hour (9:30-10:30-Sundays) Let me know if interested and I'll share contact info.

Also, they are looking for someone with tech skills to help improve their website: again, let me know if interested.

STICKER SHOCK 2020 (1/31)

•Help Carver Cares develop a graphic to encourage adults over 21 NOT to purchase alcohol for minors.

Guidelines here:

•Submit entry digitally to (and to your history teacher)

•Earn 2 community service hours for an entry.

•Talk to a Caring Crusader for more information.

As a reminder, your community service progress will be reported on term 2 report cards.


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Congratulations to the following students who were inducted into the French and Spanish National Honors Society:


Abigail Johnson

Claudia Peirce


Jay Peters

Alison Strojny

Jordan Vitale

This week the Spanish and French National Honors Society tutored students in Spanish and French I and II in preparation for the midterms. Thank you for your service!

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On Saturday, January 11, 2020: Student Council and Best Buddies teamed together to take Walpole High School by storm for the annual Massachusetts Special Olympics State Bocce tournament. So proud of all the student athletes. #choosetoinclude

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Members of Student Council attended the annual winter SEMASC Conference at Foxborough Regional Charter High School. Students participated in leadership workshops, as they surfed the waves of leadership with over 400 students from across Southeastern Massachusetts.

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Best Buddies members "Friendship Around the World" pitstop to Nigeria brought indoor Olympic games. Students participated in basketball (ping pong), javelin (wrapping paper roll), discus paper plates), and races. Always welcoming new members! Come be a part of the movement for inclusion and friendship!

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Superintendent Scott Knief has been the fearless leader of Carver Cares since the very beginning! Many years ago he took action; and others followed! Hear how today’s group came to be…

Carver Cares origins


Carver Cares and the Caring Crusaders are inviting students to participate in our Sticker Shock Contest that aims to address underage drinking.

As a way for students to get involved, we are looking for YOUR creativity to design a sticker to be posted on coolers in local liquor store establishments. The goal of these stickers is to prevent adults from buying alcohol for minors. All design submissions will be voted upon and the winning sticker will be used in the 2020 Campaign. The designer of the winning sticker will also receive a prize.


● Stickers should include a positive message. For example, a positive message may be: “Make the right choice. For you and for them. Don’t buy alcohol for minors.”

● Include Penalties for buying alcohol for minors: "Up to one year in jail and/ or $2,000 in fines."

● Include the Carver Cares and/or Caring Crusader logo-- Please contact Merielle at for logos!

● The sticker can be no larger than 5x5 inches in size.

● You must use graphic design software tools to create the sticker. Ex: Canva, Publisher, InDesign. Design must be submitted electronically.

Designs must be submitted via email to no later than Friday, January 31, 2020. Questions? Contact Merielle at 508-542-6992 (call/text) or

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Congratulations to the girls winter track and field team for winning back to back South Shore League titles. The team is led by senior captains Bella Asam, Charlotte McElroy and Jordan Turner.


Boys basketball picked up 2 wins against Blue Hills and East Bridgewater.

Carver/Wareham Hockey won two close games against Old Rochester and Bourne.

On Wednesday night, our hockey team beat their biggest rival Bourne High School 3-1!

Junior Tyler Lovendale scored twice leading the team to victory!

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Reminder to seniors: please share your good news and let us know when you get accepted into college!


Stay warm this winter in your new Crusader gear!

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The middle school will continue taking orders for the Yankee Candle fundraiser online through January. To place an order please use the following link: