Scientific Newsletter of America

By Mya Jackson & Staff

Organic Compounds

Many people have been getting the "Organic Compounds" mixed up lately but here is a simple  re-lap to jog your memory! Always remembers these four letters; LCP & NA♥ stands for Lipids which means, fat. Their are saturated fats and un-saturated. Satured, the bad kind of fat, is in Hamburgers, Icecream, Chocolate, etc. Un-satured fat is in oils, fruits, and vegetables. ♥C stands for carbohydrates. Carbohyrdrates are a souce of energy such as bread, pasta, etc. Many athletes consume carbohydrates before a marathon so they have tons of energy when running. Next up is protiens. Protiens contain Carbon, Hyrdrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, and Sulfur. Sometimes protiens control the rate of reactions. N, Nucliec Acids control our DNA. If a guinea pig has brown hair then the offspring will most likely have some brown hair.

Characteristics Of Living Things