3rd Six Weeks Overview

By: Maggie Brite

Types of Narrative Essays

  • Time Travel - where a character goes back in the story to the past.
  • Science Fiction - topic about science and is made up.
  • Fantasy - Made up story about hints that couldn't happen in real life.
  • Mystery - Horror, Mysterious story having to do with crime.

Sensory Language

  • Smell Ex: The aroma of cinnamon and honey filled the air.
  • Taste Ex: The cupcake filled my mouth with flavors of vanilla.
  • Touch Ex: The dog's fur was so smooth and soft.
  • See Ex: Santa's beard was as white as snow and his jolly red suit was the pop of color in the room.
  • Hear Ex: The jingle bells were ringing as we walked up the stairs.

Point of View

1st person: someone telling you his or her story. Words like I, Me, Myself.

3rd person: when the narrator is telling the story for people. Words like he or she.

Editing Techniques

Rainbow Editing - Where you use different colors to circle or underline certain things in your story such as punctuation and things to fix in your story.


Graphic Organizers help us set up the plot structure of a story and what will happen.

5 W's, Venn diagram, and Web