Monday Morning Memo

le 4 au 15 avril

An article worth sharing...

I recently read the article linked below, which suggests that students long-term success is closely linked to their social-emotional wellness early in their education. The article ignited my thinking about the work we do to support students' mental wellbeing in our building, not only in kindergarten, but across the grade levels.

As educators, we know we do so much more than teach the mandated curriculum. I often observe the interactions of adults around me who are tending to the "soft skills" in order to help students be successful in learning. As we forge forward in this last stretch of the year, I want to thank you all for continuing to tend to the "soft skills" that are essential to students' success. Please also remember we need to "put on our own oxygen masks before we can tend to others".

Welcome back to the home stretch!

l'horaire hebdomadaire

le lundi 4 avril (jour 5)

le mardi 5 avril (jour 6)

  • reunion du personnel à la biblio. - 15h00

le mercredi 6 avril (jour 1)

  • Sherry - absent (Disc. Day)

le jeudi 7 avril (jour 2)

  • bus ridership

le vendredi 8 avril (jour 3)

  • Vince, Sherry, Sonia et Allison - reunion avec l'équipe CSS - 13h00

le lundi 11 avril (jour 4)

  • P.B.I.S. Common Area Training - 8h30

le mardi 12 avril (jour 5)

  • Vince et Sherry - réunion administrative -13h00

le mercredi 13 avril (jour 6)

  • La journée rose - porter la couleur rose pour l'assemblée - 9h00

le jeudi 14 avril (jour 1)

  • Sherry - reunion à l'école Machray - 10h30

le vendredi 15 avril (jour 2)

  • photos du printemps
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