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Back up my files you say . . .

If something tragic happens to your computer do you know if your files are safe? By backing up your files, potential headaches will be avoided. We hope that nothing ever does happen but. . . if does you would be covered. Just think of it as insurance for all your hard work.

Here are just two ways you can back up your files. You can back up files as often as you would like, some would do this daily, others weekly and some even less often. To be safe, it would be recommended that this is done weekly. Add a reminder to your calendar so you won't forget!

Put files onto a flash drive. External hard drives, jump drives, flash drives, etc. can be purchased from a number of stores in town or online. If using one of these devices you simply need to plug it into your computer. A little drive will appear on your desktop and will also be found in your Finder (the smiley guy on your dock). Once you see the drive, you can just drag and drop your files in.

Save files in Google Drive. By moving or saving files in Google Drive they are automatically backed up, Google takes care of that for you. If your files are saved here you can sign in using any computer to access them. You may still experience some issues with Apple programs. However, you should be able to access them, you just may not be able to edit them. When saving a document simply select to have the item saved in Google Drive rather than desktop or documents.

There are other cloud type services, such as DropBox, that items can be saved to and there are other backup programs. If you find something that works for you - go with it. Please let me know if you have a system not mentioned above and I will share in the next newsletter.

If you have any questions or want to tackle this together, please let me know.

Looking for something new to try out?

Are you thinking you are ready to try something new in your classroom, just not sure what? Take a quick look at Educreations and see if this simple tool is right for you.

Educreations is an interactive whiteboard and screencasting tool that teachers can use as a presentation or video making tool. Not ready to make your own video? Other teachers have shared theirs and you might find one you like and want to use. Just a few examples of how these videos could be used:

  • explain an assignment and students can watch again at home
  • homework videos to be viewed before class
  • lessons for parents to watch to help answer questions at home

Not only can the teacher create and share but, a classroom can be created and students can create and share videos with the teacher. Just a few examples of how these videos could be used:

  • replay student's work to find misunderstandings and mastery
  • students can record verbal responses from letter recognition to foreign language pronunciation
  • create graphs, compare items, identify parts of sentence, plants, cells etc. . .

How could you use Educreations in your classroom? If this is a tool you would like to incorporate into your lessons and need any assistance please let me know!

Looking for more information? Check out these links:


All about apps in YOUR classroom

Have you used this tool? Are you going to try it? I would love to hear about your successes!!!

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