1. Voodoo is one of the oldest religious practices in the world.
  2. It originated from Africa but migrated with slaves to America, its mainly practiced in Louisiana though.
  3. Marie Laveau was the known as the voodoo queen of Louisiana, she died in 1881 but her grave has more visitors than Elvis Presley.
  4. The practices includes appealing to the spirit and temporarily taking possession of someone to the spirit can communicate with the people doing the ritual.
  5. The ceremonies also include drumming, chanting, dancing, and drawing veves or symbols.
  6. They use specific colors drum beats and chants that appeal to the spirit being summoned.
  7. When they are done doing a voodoo ritual they must unravel the voodoo doll because the spirit will follow you home.
  8. The voodoo priests are the ones who conduct the ceremonies and recite the spells.
  9. During many of the rituals they use animal sacrifice as a way of giving life to the dead.
  10. There are two types of voodoo Rado and Petro, Rado being peaceful and Petro being more dangerous