Hometown School Newsletter

December 7th, 2021

Bencik's Buzz

The time is quickly moving by this year. It is hard to believe we only have 11 days left before break. Our winter break will begin on December 23rd and last through January 6th. We are looking forward to finishing our calendar year with our holiday parties on December 22nd.

If your family is looking for vaccinations, please visit vaccines.gov and type in your zip code to find a clinic near you.

We also have a few dress down days coming up, please see the attached flyer for details.

As the weather is changing, please remember to send your children with coats and hats. We will be going out for recess if the weather is 32 degrees or above.

There Nothing Better than a PJ Day!

Everyone enjoyed a cozy day in their pajamas last Friday. Check out some of these cuties!

Feed Six

Thank you to our families who came to pack meals for Feed Six. We packed 50,000 meals on Saturday. Meals will go to our local shelters to help those in the area.

Holiday Dress Down Days

We will have some holiday dress down days. The flyer is attached.

Family Fun Pacs

Fun Pacs will go Home on Friday or Monday. Fun Pacs feature the kids pictures on some fun things like - Bookmarks, key tags, ruler, book tags etc. $10 each. If you don't want to purchase them, just send them back to school. More information will be on the fun packs when they are sent home.

SAVE THE DATE- Holiday Concert

We will host our holiday concert for K-1 and Chorus students on December 14th at 1:30pm in the gym. We will be limiting families to two guests for safety precautions. We will also be LiveStreaming the event on Facebook. The link will come out to families on Monday.

Holiday Shop

Please join us for the holiday shop this week in our library. Envelopes were sent for students to list who they will be buying for. Students will shop with their classmates the next two days.

Holiday Craft Night

Come make holiday crafts with your family. Please see the attached flyer and RSVP for the event.

Winter Item Collection

We will be collecting winter items for a woman's shelter. Please see the flyer for details.

Metra Drawing Contest

Any school age child may enter the contest for Metra. The flyer is attached with details. Please submit the entries to Mrs. Bencik and she will send them to the location.


Please make sure your child has extra masks with them for the day. We ask that each family pack their child's backpack with additional mask in case theirs breaks or gets dirty.

Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Katy Tully

Meet Our Staff: Mrs. Tully

Every week we will shine a spotlight on one of our own amazing staff members. Meet Mrs. Katy Tully.

How long and what grades have you taught?

I have taught second grade for almost 28 years at Hometown.

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why?

I’d love to do a family trip to Ireland. My husband and I went there on our honeymoon 22 years ago and I haven’t been back since. It would be amazing to take the kids and show them all the history and beauty they’ve heard about from us for years.

What is the best thing about working at Hometown?

It is 100% the people! The staff is so warm and funny and we truly work as a team for the love of these kids. The families are always so appreciative, and these kids are the best! Every day they make me smile and surprise me in the best way with their curiosity and insight. I’ve been here long enough that I’m teaching former students children. I love having that kind of history here!

What is your favorite food?

Pretzels (Ask any student I’ve had! There’s always a bag in my room somewhere.)

Who is someone you admire and why?

My grandma Helen.

She was incredibly passionate about education. She went to college when most women did not and later became a teacher in her forties. She was a teacher for almost 40 years. When she was 80 she was still teaching first grade in a catholic school in a poor neighborhood. She didn’t drive so she took the bus to work. She adored her students and often make several pb and j sandwiches for the kids who didn’t have lunch. She passed away years ago but she’s always been my North Star as a teacher.

If you see Ms. Tully around our school ,make sure you say hello!!!