Aztecs Achievements

By Kaylen Whitledge

What did the Aztecs create?

The Aztecs invented jewelry,statues,and pyramids.In the jewelry there were a lot of materials in just one piece of jewelry.Some of the materials used in the jewelry were copper,gold/silver,shells,clay,wood,rocks,obsidian,and feathers.The Aztecs would also use bits of stone in with the clay or wood.Some of the types of stone that were used were jade,quartz,opal,moonstones,and turquoise.Also the jewelry wasn't just worn by women men also wore them too.

How many calendars did the Aztecs make?

The Aztecs had made two calendars.One of the calendars was called xiuhpohualli and the other was called tonalpohualli. There were 365 days in the xiuhppohualli calendar. In the tonalpohualli there were 260 days.The tonalpohualli helped the Aztecs divide up the days for their rituals. Also the Aztecs stone calendar was carved out of solidified lava.