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Week of April 3, 2016

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Weekly Updates

Stanford 10 (SAT) Update - Thank you for getting your child to bed early and to school early last week. We enjoyed peaceful mornings without being rushed. I’m proud of their hard work on their math tests last week. Let’s keep that momentum going this week as well.

This week first graders will take the Stanford-10 (SAT) Reading portion of the tests on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Again, we start at 9:00 am so please continue to arrive to school rested, well-fed and early next week.

Testing Snacks – Thank you to everyone who sent in snacks. Our first graders really work up an appetite after taking the test! We’ll have enough for each day of testing this week.

Math - Our Essential Question of the week will be “How can you use the attributes to name and identify the value of a coin?” The Parent Flyer for the money unit in attached to this email.

ELA - We will read informational texts on all sorts of amazing animals this week. We will answer the question “What are the key points the author wants us to know about this topic?” We will take notes and compare texts. We already know so much about animals; it’s always fun to learn more!

Science – We will begin our new unit on Living Things this week. We will answer the Essential Question “How are living and non-living things different?” We’ll investigate a very special living thing in the middle of this week, and at the end of the week we’ll investigate a very special non-living thing. Ask your first graders to tell you all about it. Stay tuned for pictures!

Reminders and Thank you's

Devices – If you have signed the BYOD permission slip, and if you are ok with it, will you please allow your child to bring devices to school each day? We can use them throughout the day.

Box Tops – Thank you, Napoleao, for collecting Box Tops! You are…tops!

Upcoming Events

Mon. 4/4 Early Release

Tues. 4/12 Relay for Life Show 6:30 p.m.

Mon. 4/18 Report Cards (Elementary)

Have a great week!

Thank you for all that you do! Have a nice week, and please let me know if you have any questions. Gina

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