Stacy Jordan (EDU 620)

Excited to Meet You!

Hello everyone, My name is Stacy Jordan. I've been in the Air Force for 17 years and am currently stationed in New Jersey. Prior to living in NJ, we lived in Japan for 13 years and loved that life experience. I've also been married to my husband Jerome for15 years and we have four beautiful children. Our family is our greatest accomplishment!

Specialization-School Leadership in the 21st Century

My dreams...

My specialization that I chose to pursue is School Leadership in the 21st Century. I also have a Bachelors degree in Early Childhood Education which I received in June of last year. Being a military family, I have raised my children in Child Development Centers around the world have seen good and not so great early childhood education programs and decided that I wanted to work in an early child education environment as either a Director of an existing facility or to build my own facility from the ground up. I would love to target the military communities and to be able to provide them with a quality program that allows them to feel comfortable when their children are dropped off. I've experienced first hand how hard it is to leave my children with "strangers" when I move to a new location and most of the time, the military doesn't care if you don't know anyone to watch your kids. It's expected that we find day care options and report to work right away. I want to give those families a sense of peace when their children are left in my care.

Course Learning Outcomes

The course learning outcomes outlined in this class are going to help me in pursuing my career goals. The CLOs focus on the use of technology in the 21st century which I think is vital in a today's classroom environment. By learning more about the needs of students in regards to technology, I think it would set my curriculum apart from others.

Final Project-Community Event

As a community event to promote technology in the schools, I would most likely use several sources of technology as an interactive way to educate everyone on examples of technology and what it could be used for. I would use a Smart board to show a PowerPoint Presentation to explain the purpose of the community event and then allow everyone to use the items in a hands on activity with their children.