RMS Weekly Event Calendar

October 23- October 27

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What's going on at RMS?

We had a great week at RMS last week with a lot of awesome things going on in our classrooms! We were very excited to finally get the Chromebooks in that we ordered for our teachers so that all of you can have your own Chromebook to use. Dr. Wiginton is doing a fantastic job teaching all of us how to maximize the use of the Chromebook for learning and we can't wait to see how you are using them with the students in your classroom.

Many of you are already doing great things with the Chromebooks. As I visited Coach Smith's classroom, I watched his students use a Chromebook to take a test in Google Classroom. Included in this test were multiple choice items as well as essay questions. The powerful part of this activity was that Coach Smith was using his Chromebook and Google Classroom to provide immediate feedback to the students through making comments on their work/answers. Just think of how powerful this is for our students and their learning!

We are beginning our journey with the Pineapple Chart. This is an exciting adventure as it provides us with the opportunity to observe each other's instruction and learning activities. Dr. Wiginton has encouraged teachers to use the Pineapple Chart to sign up for days that you are doing activities in your classroom that you are willing to let other teachers come to observe. The best way for teachers to learn is from each other and these are great opportunities for us to see the amazing things that are going on in each others' classrooms. I just want to add that it doesn't have to be activities involving technology that you put on the Pineapple Chart. We would love to see examples of how you are implementing the Reading Strategy of the Month, collaborative projects, labs, and any other learning activity that you believe is a powerful learning opportunity for students.

I want to thank Mrs. Sewell for being the first teacher to sign up on the Pineapple Chart. She will be using Google Forms on Tuesday along with LearnZillion and would love for other teachers to come in and see what she is doing with her students. Ms. Ridge has also signed up and is going to be using Google Classroom on Tuesday and Thursday. I encourage you to visit her classroom as well. If your daily schedule will not allow you to visit a classroom, please let us know and we will work it out so that you can go into these classrooms to observe.

I am looking forward to seeing all the great things that you are doing and your willingness to share with each other! Keep up the great work!

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RMS Mentoring Schedule

This week we are celebrating Red Ribbon Week. Coach Gober and the SADD organization will be working with you on the mentoring activities for this week. We will be participating in the following dress up days for Red Ribbon Week:

Monday - Wear red to kick off RRW!

Tuesday - The key to my future success is being drug free! - Dress as your future self (career, old person, futuristic)

Wednesday - Staying drug free is out of this world! - Syfy T-shirts (Star Wars, Walking Dead, Stranger Things, etc.)

Thursday - Be someone's hero by staying drug free! - Hero T-shirts (Marvel, DC)

Friday - Unite against drugs! - Wear Golden Tiger gear!

Parent Involvement Month

What a fun week it was with parents coming to eat lunch with their students. As you can see from the picture below, we had a few parents who enjoyed their time and made it a fun opportunity!
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This Week at a Glance

Monday, October 23

  • 4-H Meeting - Cafeteria - During the 7th period mentoring period.

Tuesday, October 24

  • SST Meetings - Room 125 - Core academic teachers please plan to meet during your instructional period.
  • RMS Football Banquet - A.W. Todd Center - 6:30 p.m.

Wednesday, October 25

  • Professional Development Half-Day - 12:45 p.m. - RMS Media Center - Donna Bolton will be at RMS for Dyslexia training.

Thursday, October 26

  • Make-Up Picture Day
  • Board Meeting - RCS Board Room - 3:30 p.m.
  • RCS Cross Country - Northwest Alabama Championships - Oakville, AL - Girls @ 4:00 p.m. & Boys @ 4:30 p.m.

Friday, October 27

  • Homecoming - 1/2 Day - Parade @ 1:30 p.m.
  • RHS Football vs. Ardmore - Home - 7:00 p.m.