Jerry rice

Jerry has the hands of an octopus


Jerry rice has the record of more then 100 touchdowns and he ran more then 1000 yards

Child hood

Jerry rice was born in stark vile Mississippi Oct 13 1962 one of eight children

He had five brothers and two sisters but he only liked books and a little bit of foot ball

how he got into his sport

He started football by tossing and catching bricks at a young age and by playing with friends.Then he played in high school. Then got excepted into collage to play in Mississippi valley state universeity

team info

sf won Superbowl xix then he changed teams to Oakland then Seahawks and a wide receiver in the football hall of fame

what he is known for

For as many touchdowns and yards ran and switching throw three teams and breaking

the record of all won three superbowls

Rookie Jerry Rice goes deep
Jerry Rice (Turns 8 yard pass into 81 yard TOUCHDOWN)