CH Community Update--Q and A UPDATE

7/20/2020 **Please Read for Changes to Q and A

Principal Q and A #1--Reopening Schools

******Principals Q and A - Reopening School

Cordelia Hills, Green Valley Middle School and Nelda Mundy Elementary will host a Q and A session for families on Tuesday, July 21st at 4:00 PM. I will make a short presentation and then answer pre- submitted questions and then open it up for new questions. If you have any questions you want to send beforehand, please email me at but note there will be time to ask questions on the spot. THIS IS OPEN to Cordelia Hills, Green Valley and Nelda Mundy parents and guardians only.

*****NOTE CHANGE*******

Only 250 people may join a Google Meet at one time. We are asking people who have already submitted their questions to VIEW the live Q and A Session via FACEBOOK vs joining us through the INTERACTIVE Google Meet link. You DO NOT NEED TO HAVE A FACEBOOK account to view the Facebook Live presentation. Please know we will all be available, leading up until school starts, if you have more questions about reopening:)

The Google Meet interactive live link to the meeting is here 250 max- (please mute your mic when entering):

The Facebook link to VIEW the Q and A Session is:

Cordelia Hills Link:

Virtual School Registration

FSUSD will host a Virtual School starting in August 2020. This is a school for families who would prefer NOT to be on a physical school site at all and who can commit to assisting their student in the learning process on a regular basis. The registration link is here:

The most recent update on Virtual School can be found at this link.

Please note that the final day to sign up for a guaranteed spot is July 31st. Any sign-ups after that day will be placed on a waiting list. Those that sign-up will be committing to at least a trimester of Virtual Academy before they can return to their home school.

Cordelia Hills/Phases

FSUSD has created a Phased Plan for those who will remain enrolled at CHE for the 2020-2021 school year. Below is a short description of each phase:

Phase 5: Full in-person school under regular/Pre-COVID operating standards.

Phase 4: Full in-person school with safety protocols in place (5 days a week)

Phase 3: No more than 50% of students attending school at any given time (two days a week)

Phase 2: No more than 25% of students attending school at any given time (one day a week)

Phase 1: 100% of students engaged in distance learning. Few/No students on campus.

Currently, FSUSD is entering school at Phase 1. That will likely be the phase we are in for awhile until there are major changes to the health situation in Solano County and California.

Governing Board Meetings/Townhalls

The School District will host a second virtual information meeting on Thursday, July 23rd. That video will be released at 5:30 PM via social media.

For more information on that townhall, visit FSUSD.ORG