Vietnam: Communism and Minh

by Allen Moore

Troubling Beginnings

Although technically not a war (because no one declared war), the Vietnam War was a serious deal. It all started when Vietnam was a part of Japan. Eventually, a Vietnamese by the name of Ho Chi Minh lead a group known as the Viet Minh that eventually gave the country its independence. However, France still felt Vietnam should be a part of their colony, French Indochina. After these conficts ended, Vietnam was seperated into a communist north and a democratic south. This split was sure to cause turmoil, and it did.

The Starting of a War

Before long, in 1954, the communist north attacked the south to unite the country under an umbrella of communism. Unfortunately, this does not go over well with the rest of the world, especially because of the recent spread of communism, like what happened in China. In 1965, the United States joined the effort to keep the North Vietnamese out of the south. However, many of the tactics the United States used simply did not work because of the tropical environment in Vietnam.

Tactics and Strategies

Because of the dense tropical forest, many of the American war tactics did not work. Ground troops had to push their way through thick vegetation and deep mud. Air strikes were difficult because the enemy could hide in the forests. The North used guerrilla warfare, which is a combination of many tactics, including ambush, sabotage, and espionage. They also used booby traps, mines, kidnappings, and many more secretive, obscure strategies that the Americans did not know how to deal with. In the end, this resulted in a long, expensive war that the United States and South Vietnam simply could not win.

The End of the War

This costly war