Survival Guide for First Grade

Begin the year informed!

Open House parent letter

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Beginning of the Year Letter

Bus Tags

Your child will come home with a bus tag, please return this to school each day for the first two weeks of school to help your child get to his or her bus or pick-up location. The students that remember their bus tags each day will receive a treat or prize. THESE TAGS ARE VERY IMPORTANT SO PLEASE TRY TO REMEMBER TO SEND THEM WITH YOUR CHILD.


Your child can purchase breakfast and lunch or children may bring their own lunch (no soft drinks, please). Menus can be found on our school website. Schools do not send home menus anymore. You are welcome to eat lunch with your child, please sign in at the office and we will meet you outside of the cafeteria.


We share most supplies, thank you for sending them in so promptly.


I will be sending home a letter towards the first of September explain homework for the year. I am not planning on doing homework until after Labor Day.


We use a math program called EVERYDAY MATH, which builds on ideas learned and uses a lot of hands-on learning. Your child will be attending a Math Center that I have created called BUILD. This center will give your child help in areas in Math that they need to improve.


Your child will bring home a binder each day. Inside the binder will be a zipper pouch, a Rocket Folder and 2 clear pockets. Each item is labeled to help keep it organized. Please check the pouch and folder daily.

The binder is an excellent source for parent/teacher communication. Please check the zipper pouch and folder each night to check for behavior reports, announcements, and to keep the lines of communication open.

Feel free to write notes to me and place them in the zipper pouch, I will respond as quickly as possible.


I will respond to written notes as soon as possible, but my emails come straight to my desk. Many times I receive emails before school and am able to address them before the school day begins. I keep my email address at the top of each newsletter.


Specials will be on a six day rotation schedule. It is a rotating schedule so we do not have certain specials on the same day each week. As I am writing this, they have not released our schedule, so I will send home an updated one as the school year begins.

Birthday/Holiday Treats

Birthday treats may be sent to school without prior notice. I do ask that the treats be “easy” to pass out and that drinks be in individual portions. (Ie.-box drinks, little jugs, etc.). All treats should be store bought. This allows me to read the ingredients and care for students with food allergies. (Peanuts should be avoided) We usually have 24 students in our class. I do ask that no cupcakes are sent in; I do not have time to clean 24 faces and 48 hands after trying to eat cupcakes.


Your child will bring home a separate folder with lots of paperwork on the first day. Please fill out and return these papers as soon as possible. A checklist will be sent to assist you in making sure that all forms are filled out and returned.

Field trip chaperones

If you are planning on chaperoning a field trip this year, you must have a youth Leader request form on file with the state. This is a background check, which allows you to supervise school students. The State of Kentucky charges $10.00 fee to have a background check completed, please submit this with your request form. The form can be found in the OES handbook or on the OES website.

Emergency Cards

If you did not fill out the emergency cards at open house please fill them out and return them to school ASAP. This is the only contact information that we have if an emergency should occur. Thanks again!

About Me

I have taught 28 years total. I have a masters in Reading from Northern Kentucky University. I have taught Title I Reading, first through sixth grades. I have taught fourth, fifth and first grades. I spent two years as a reading and math interventionist.