Valparaiso, Chile

by: Adriana and Maddie

Location and History

Chile is located in the Southern Hemisphere, in the continent of South America. Chile is located west of Argentina. Valparaiso is around 70 miles northwest from the capital city, Santiago. Valparaiso, Chile was first populated by the Changos, an ethnic group dedicated to fishing and gathering. Spanish explorers arrived in 1536, on a ship sent by Diego de Almagro, He was considered to be the first European explorer of Chile.

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Highlights of Valparaiso

Campesano is a great place to visit in Valparaiso because the whole family will love it! You can go horseback riding in the mountains of the Quebrada Escobares.

Palacio Baburizza is a palace that holds a Fine Arts Museum that pays homeage to the city's 16th century roots. It holds gorgeous artwork and contains a beautiful gallery of paintings.

Paseo 21 de Mayo is simply gorgeous with its walkway and surrounding trees. It has a great view of the Valparaiso Port and it's a wonderful sight to see. You don't want to miss it!

The Navy Building is the National Headquarters of the Chilean Navy. This building reflects how proud Chile is of its navy. Its great for kids and is a lot of fun for the entire family.