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1. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics of May 2009, the hourly wage for fine artist was $24.34 and the annual wage or average salary, was $50,630. (consador)

2. In fact, Delaware paid the highest average salary of $133,280, above all the other states according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. (consador)

3. Also in October 2010, artists with less than one year of experience earned anywhere in between $24,566 to $45,781. (consador)

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1. Gemma Halder says, "Some fine artist do not have professional qualifications and may have started producing their own work after discovering they have a talent."

2. "However to have an increased chance of success it is useful to be formally trained and to take relevant qualifications".(Halder)

3. Although, "fine art is studied in many different ways including painting, media, photography, printmaking, and sculpture". (Halder)

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1. So, "depending on the individual, the types of clients he/she serves and the artwork he/she creates, the duties of an artist vary". (Types)

2. Artist may choose to work with clients to create artwork based on the clients requirements. (Types)

3. Artists may also network with gallery owners, curators, and other artists. (Types)

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1. Depending on the type of artist you want to be, a job with a film studio might actually be preferable to working for famous clients. (Alternatively)

2. "One of the most challenging and rewarding jobs within Hollywood, which also happens to be a position that travels frequently, is a makeup artist, who can turn the typical actor into an out-of-this-world-character". (Alternatively)

3. National and international travel is to be expected in a role such as this one, where artists will be required to create amazing transformations on a regular basis. (Alternatively)

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