The Dyeing Poison Frog!!

The beautiful endangered amphibian

My typed research

These rare and very poisonous animals are badly endangered. So we are going to learn about the life, living, food, predators, how to save them and also a few questions answered that you might not know about. Have a fun time reading!!!:)

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Some details about this amphibian

It is almost impossible to believe, but these animals actually eat, giant spiders, insects and ants. They live in adjacent parts of Brazil. When they feel frightened they jump really high to make sure the person or animal that is scaring them knows the type of color it has.

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Why are they endangered??

They are endangered because their habitat is been destroyed badly.

How long do they live ?

They live up to 2-4 years

How do people view them ?

People view them as beautiful creatures in different ways which makes you want to touch...

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What can we do to save them ?

We can capture these rare animals and we can take them to a zoo. We can stop cutting trees and start planting trees instead of destroying.

A fun fact!

Native Americans killed these special frogs and used them on arrows to kill.

Who are the predators ?

The predators are a rare and special type of snake.

THE END ( finally)

Hoped you liked reading and want to say a big thank you for taking the time to read this!!:) Hope you learned something.:)