Ethical Research

By Savannah Kincheloe


Plagiarist is when you take someones Idea, images, etc. and use them as your own. You can avoid this by...

~ Citing your sources even if your are not sure if you need to.

~ Give the author credit

~ Use " "

~ Paraphrase

Credible? Accurate?

How do you know if a sources are credible?

~ You will know if it is NOT because most of the time the adds will not mach up with the subject, The author may not be posted, and the URL may be .com.

~ You will know the source is credible because There will not be many adds, the author and all of its credits will be on the wed site and the URL Will be something like .Gov or .Edc


Resources Available to You

How to Find relevant information

What you can do is an advanced search. An advanced search is where you can type in key words. For example if you would want to search how fast can a dog can run In the First bar you would put Dogs then for the second bar it would be speed and for the three IF you want what type of dog.

How to Use Key Word to

if you would going to search something about owls, what would you search? How fast do foxes run? No you would use key word that will help you find the answers you need to do your paper. So you would probably search, " owls nocturnal animal" this would be the most useful wording for you. All you have to do is think about the subject and come up with good word to describe.

What is MLA

MLA stands for," Modern Language association." It is a way that works to cite both book and online scores and work for mostly 7-9th grade kids and teachers.

how to use MLA Citeing

MLA format starts with the author's last name and the page number which you are taking information from, and a complete reference should come on your Works Cited page.