Homelessness Education Class

Homelessness as a Social Issue Online Class

About the Course

This is a learning adventure open to anyone 15 years of age and older who desires to learn more about homelessness in America. The course is absolutely free and students who complete the adventure and demonstrate knowledge of the material will receive a Homelessness in America Awareness Certificate proving completion.

Needed Material

This class is completely online so you will need

1. A current email

2. A working computer- Recommendation: Windows or Mac

3. WiFi (public WiFi will work) or internet connection

4. Access to YouTube

5. Microsoft Word

6. Apple Safari/Google Chrome/Mozilla FireFox/Explorer- Recommendation: Google Chrome

7. Additional- Java and Adobe

Want to learn more after the course? Consider these good reads....

"We have come dangerously close to accepting the homeless situation as a problem that we just can't solve"- Linda Lingle

In Person Meeting

Wednesday, Dec. 31st, 9pm

One Margaret Mitchell Square

Atlanta, GA

Meet me in person at the local library for addition help with this learning adventure and additional discussion. There is WiFi and computers, but feel free to bring your own computer as well. You can work on your adventure during this time and I will be there to help with all of your questions and needs. This is a very good opportunity and a ONE TIME chance. Hopefully see you soon!