Bubonic plague: The Begining

By: Xavier Solis

Personal Narrative( P.O.V. of a Teenager)

Why did this plague had to come? It took everything away, from my parents to my life( not really.) I have nobody to talk, and i'm doing everything by my self. Those rich people have locked themselves up and, don't share at all. Someday, I will break in and eat everything. Why did fleas have to bite people? Why couldn't they just bite other rats instead of people? Thanks to them, this raging disease has everybody dead, but me. And now, there will be no trace of human beings.

The start of a horrible epidemic.

1347, a year most 14th century people would like to forget. Why? Because of the Black Plague, a raging disease that killed 75% of Europe's population.
Black Death from Ratatouille

Black Death

The Black Death was caused by infected fleas on rats, who transmitted the plague to humans. From there, it bounced from one human to a another at an alarming rate. The Black Plague had three different ways of getting into people: 1. Fleas on rats. 2. Pneumatic Plague- Attacked respirtory system. 3. Septic Version: Attacked the blood system. Those were three ways to get bubonic plague.
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The Quickness

The map above shows where the Black Plague spread. It spread all over Europe in four MONTHS.
Solis, Xavier A. "The Black Death: Bubonic Plague." The Black Death: Bubonic Plague. Wide Open Doors, 5 June 2011. Web. 11 May 2016.

Little known facts:

Did you know that Rich people would gather in one place and just drink wine and good food? They would even lock themselves in! They wouldn't even help people.

Did you know that another outbreak of the Black Plague happened in Norway of 1654? Because of poor living conditions, the Plague broke out. Since the original outbreak, people knew how to stop it, so it didn't last long.

How long would you have if you had the Plague?

On average, it would take you 23 days until you die. That gives you time to do all the things you loved to do.