Should Abortion Be Legal?

By Victoria Piekarz

Should We Allow It?

Imagine being forced into a pregnancy and then having to go through painful labor, all because of a law. Why should a woman's life be beared upon with an unwanted child? All because of a mistake?
Personally, I think it should be legal because it is a women's body that should not be controlled by what happens to it by the government. Many women get raped and do not want to go through a pregnancy. Also, some women are not financially stable and would have a hard time raising the child. It could be risking their health. BUT, I think that the only right thing to do is to allow it only up until the 12th week. After seeing images of abortions online, it feels more logical. Many people practicing some religions will support that.

Pro-Abortion Reasons

The mother and child could be at risk because the mother could be not financially or emotionally stable, especially if she is underage. Mothers in America would have to give $10,000 just for the baby if they are financially unstable that is very hard to do.
Women have civil rights. She should do what she thinks is best for her body. In defense to that, the fourth amendment gives women the right to an abortion.
People who worry about abortions being against religion and such, do not have to worry for if they were in a situation where they were raped and carrying the rapists child their point of discussion would change. Abortion is a legal medical procedure and is included in your private health insurance.
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