Trinity Connect

Issue 15, 1 November 2019

Principal's News

This week the College has taken delivery of our new 'wheels', a 21 seater bus that will enable us to have greater flexibility with the transport of our students to various excursions and events. We are also in the process of receiving quotes to surface the Sunset Hall carpark and provide appropriate markings for traffic direction and parking. What can seem like small additions and changes to some are in fact symbolic of the bigger picture at Trinity.

Our school has begun it's next chapter. Like a great novel there are always twists and turns, things happening, changes underway and many characters. Schools certainly are just like this! I have written a few times this year referring to contemporary education and the changing space in Australia. Our 2019 - 2022 Strategic Plan reflects this through our four key initiatives. Our new chapter will tell a story of updates, changes and growth......all of these being driven by improved student learning and outcomes. We look forward to sharing this next chapter of our college's history with you.

Eloise Beveridge

A reminder that Monday, 4 November is a Student Free Day and Tuesday, 5 November is a Public Holiday for the Melbourne Cup. See you all Wednesday.

Graduation and Awards Evening - Monday 9 December

This year our College has only been able to book the MAC (Mildura Arts Centre) for a single night booking to host our annual College Awards and Graduation ceremony. The practicality of this, coupled with feedback received throughout the year from our community (parents, students and staff) has led to some changes being made to the format of the evenings celebration.

The event will include the Year 10 Graduation and the presentation of Overall Student Awards. The numbers of student award to be presented on the night has also been reviewed by a staff team. This process has referred to IB recommendations, current educational research as well as taking into consideration the student award presented throughout the year.

Our Awards evening will celebrate the learning and achievements of our college students throughout the year. Initial ticket preferences will be given to the families of Year 10 students and award winners. This specific information will be communicated in coming weeks.

We look forward to this exciting event in our college year.

With many events coming up in the remaining week of term we ask parents to please check the calendar of events and Parent Lounge for regular updates.

2020 Planning

Our plans for 2020 continue to unfold and always prove to be an exciting time!

In coming weeks our parents of students in Year's 8-9 will receive information about the various electives available for 2020 and choices students can make. Feedback shared to us this year has indicated that students in Years 9 & 10 at the College wanted a greater choice of electives, the 2020 offerings will reflect this feedback.

Students in Year 6 will receive a languages choice form.

Staffing Update

We are very excited to announce that Ms June Caufield will be joining our College in 2020 in the role of MYP Coordinator. Ms Caulfield brings many years of IB experience to our College and will ensure that we continue on our journey to authorisation. We thank Mrs Booysen for her amazing work in the role to date and know that Mrs Caufield will continue to build on the fantastic foundation that is in place. Mrs Booysen will continue in her role as one of our highly regarded maths and science specialist teachers.

We are currently in the process of interviewing teachers for primary classroom positions. Due to increased enrolments we require an additional primary teacher for 2020 and are also looking for a replacement to fill the very big shoes of Miss Rachel Hillier. Miss Hillier has made the decision to return to Adelaide to be closer to her family. We appreciate how difficult this decision was and thank Miss Hillier for her amazing gift to our college through her teaching over the last two years.


Student Achievement - Volleyball

On Saturday 26th of October participants of the Victorian Volleyball team attended the annual Volleyball Victoria Blue and White Dinner. Congratulations to Baden, Lachie, Molly and Rhodi for their strong commitment to the sport.