World Geo Review

By: Tyler


Stateless nation- group of people that should have a nation unified by culture

Population Density- the number or people living per unit of an area

Plate Tectonics- theory that the lithosphere is divided into a number of crustal plates

Outsourcing- to obtain a good or service from an outside source

Subsistence Farming- farming for need of farmer

Commercial Farming- Farming to sell for profit

Cultural Assimilation- process in which members of an ethnic group lose cultural characteristics and blend with a new one

Cultural Hearth- place where certain related changes in land-use appeared due to human domestication of plants and animals

Cultural Diffusion- spreading of culture from one place to another

Urbanization- act or urbanizing or taking on the characteristics of a city

Globalization- process that leads to pollution, disease, and loss of local traditions


American Culture has lead to spread of English language.

Migration in the US went east to west.

Most borders are on lines of longitude or latitude.

Most countries in South America gained independence between 1790-1828.

The UN was created to keep world peace, create a union, and to provide aid.

North Africa is predominantly Muslim while Southern Africa is mainly European Christian.

GDP is the most important factor in deciding developed countries.

The Columbian Exchange- was able to happen due to improved technological advancements at sea.

For Saudi Arabia to keep there growth up the must diversify their economy.

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