One Year Anniversary Giveaway!

Monday August 24, 2015

Team Passiflora

On October 1, we will be a team of 1 year!!!! 365 days, one full circle around the sun and it is our FIRST Birthday of many! I love that this amazing group of women has come together and while we keep blooming amongst eachother year round with new beautiful additions to our group, we are still one team of women (no men, yet!) that are working on supporting one another in life AND business! As a thank you, I am holding a VERY SPECIAL Raffle!!

But, we MUST reach a minimum in team sales to unlock! Are you ready for the details?

Also, be sure to join the facebook event on October 1st where we will all get together and cheers to our team's success!

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Here are the Anniversary Giveaway Details!

Our current team LIFETIME sales are $153,144.98

Team Sales needed for the raffle to happen: $200,000 in LIFETIME team sales by the END OF DAY Monday, November 30th at 1159pm EST.

How do you get a ticket? Every $500 in sales starting TODAY, 8/24/15 with your numbers above will equal 1 ticket to win. The Raffle will happen in the beginning of December!

The Dagne Dover will be a Linen Tote valued at $265 retail value. **Plus, there will be extra fun and amazing things for you stuffed into the most organized bag you'll ever own! But that is dependent on many little challenges along the way.

EVERYONE has an opportunity to earn this bag, the more tickets you can get before November 30, the better chances you have, more $$ commission in your pocket, jewelry credits to help YOU buy holiday gifts for your family, and bumps in commission or CASH bonuses along the way with Chloe and Isabel!!!

There is no need to share screenshots, or shout out in the team page when you get #500down for a ticket, I will track your total lifetime sales Every Monday and share how many people have tickets so far! This will be a fun 4th quarter of the year raffle. I also extended PAST our 1 year anniversary date because with the holidays, we are ABSOLUTELY able to reach these goals along with ALL of your personal goals along the way!

I hope you like this raffle!!

Your "sticky glue" leader,


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