Milton Hershey

The man who made the Hershey Bar

Birth date and place

  1. Hershey was born on September 13, 1857.
  2. Hershey was born in Hockersville, Pennsylvania.

The Most notable things Hershey did.

  1. Brought chocolate to America by making the first Hershey bar.
  2. He survived the sinking of the Titanic.
  3. Gave the Hershey company's wealth to the Hershey school.

Early Life, Before Hershey was famous

Before Hershey was famous Hershey had a poor childhood and had to get a job at only age 12 and that is young for only being 12 and getting a job.

Hershey's education

Hershey went to school until when he was in the 4th grade so when he signed papers and it looked like he wrote like a 4th grader .

Hershey's Occupation

Hershey was a Chocolate bar making man all though he did many things.

When Hershey died and where

Hershey died on October 13, 1945 1 month after his birthday of Pneumonia (nE-moun-ya).

Has the world benefited from Hershey?

Yes it has because of Hershey we now have Chocolate in the USA and we have spread the legend of Milton Hershey the man who made the Hershey bar.

Some facts about Hershey

Hershey was 88 when he died. Hershey’s wife was nicknamed Kitty. Hershey and Kitty both survived the Titanic when it sank. Hershey built 2 towns: Hershey, Pennsylvania & Hershey, Cuba. Hershey was known for being a man of the people.

Why I chose Milton Hershey

I chose Hershey because I thought he made the Hershey bar and I was right.

Was I inspired by Hershey

Yes now I want to build and name my own towns.