Summer Update

July 30, 2021

Late July greetings to you all as we prepare to turn the calendar towards August. We hope that this summer update finds you all doing well and enjoying sunshine and family time together. Our Monroe campus is becoming steadily busier as we continue to prepare for the coming school year. Both Catarino Rodriguez and I are new to Monroe and the Everett Public Schools. Transition always involves a learning curve but day-by-day, we are becoming more familiar and comfortable. Needless to say, the coming school year involves quite a bit of planning. As noted recently, the COVID-19 pandemic remains an active and dynamic situation but across Everett and the State of Washington, we are preparing for an in-person, all-day school environment. As you may have noted over the past few days, both the CDC and Governor Jay Inslee have called for the continuation of the masking within schools this fall. Our Everett Public Schools leaders are continuing to evaluate these recommendations and as the school year draws closer, we will continue to provide updates including specifics pertaining to our on-campus COVID-19 process and protocols.

That noted, we continue to excitedly prepare to welcome our Eagles back to our Monroe campus this coming September. Several summer programs will kick off in the coming weeks including the Elementary Summer School Program (rising grades 3-5), JumpStart (rising grades 1-2, and Everett Ready (rising kindergarteners). Details associated with each are noted below.

Elementary Summer School Program (link): Our elementary summer program for rising Third, Fourth, and Fifth Graders will take place at Jefferson Elementary. This program is specific to students who were invited and registered last spring. The program runs Mondays through Thursdays, August 9th – 26th. Students who were registered last spring will receive a reminder and additional information next week, (8/2-8/6).

JumpStart for Rising First and Second Graders (link): JumpStart, for rising First and Second Graders, begins on Monday, August 16th, running through Friday, August 20th. This is a half day, three-hour program beginning at 8:25am and ending at 11:25am. Students who were registered for JumpStart last spring will receive a reminder in the coming weeks.

Everett Ready for Rising Kindergartners (link): Our Everett Ready program is specifically designed to welcome entering Kindergarteners to our school. The program begins on Monday, August 23rd, running through Friday, August 27th. This exciting program welcomes all students preparing to enter kindergarten this September and provides students and families with an opportunity to become familiar with our Monroe campus, our Monroe Team, and their entering kindergarten peers. More specifically, the program supports positive, consistent experiences for our entering Eagles with time and space to learn school routines and practices. This is a half day, three-hour program beginning at 8:25am and ending at 11:25am. In addition, parents will be invited to a get-to-know opportunity with members of our Monroe staff on the morning of Tuesday, August 24th (8:30am to 9:30am). Additionally, we will end our program on Friday, August 27th with another opportunity for parents to connect and get to know one another (11:30am to 12:30pm). Please look for more information related to these opportunities in the coming weeks.

Below are a few summer notes including short, get-to-know videos from Mr. Rodriguez and I and membership information from our Monroe PTA.

Get-to-Know in 90 Seconds:

While introductions can be difficult over these summer months, Mr. Rodriguez and I have been working to meet as many people as possible. As part of our entry to Monroe, we drafted 90-day plans to ensure that we remain focused getting to know our Monroe school community in the midst of our ongoing preparations for the coming school year. Linked below are fun, 90-second get-to-know videos including a fun, rapid question/answer opportunity. Please know that we look forward to meeting everyone as we come together again in early September.

Please Join Our Monroe PTA!

Our wonderful Monroe PTA (link) is gearing-up for the coming school including hosting numerous student and family events. Along with our Natural Leaders, the Monroe PTA works to ensure family representation, information, and advocacy including monthly involvement opportunities and fundraising to support important student learning opportunities on and beyond our Monroe campus. Attached is the 2021/2022 PTA Membership form. Please read through this membership information and sincerely consider membership. In addition, please read for other ways that you can support our Monroe PTA including following via Facebook.

Website Updates:

Please continue to check-in on our Monroe Elementary webpage (link) including our summer messages (link) as we progress towards our Welcome Back week in early September. Our school office reopens on Monday, August 16th but we are available for questions/calls in the interim. Included on our website is a link to this year’s suggested school supplies (link).

On behalf of our entire Monroe Team, we wish you the absolute best this August. We are beyond excited to see you all and celebrate our collective journey forward.

Please look for additional updates across the coming weeks - Take care and please stay safe and well.



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